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      Monument Signs Service in Dallas – Custom SignageThat Reflects Your Brand

      Monument signs are permanently placed on the ground, typically in front of commercial establishments, offices, industrial areas and properties with multiple tenants. Signs Express, a signage company based in Dallas, TX, specializes in designing attractive and durable monument signs to help businesses make a lasting impression.

      These signs serve purposes—they help people locate your establishment from afar, guide customers to your entryway, represent your brand identity, and present a polished image for your business. The sizable structure offers space to showcase your company’s name, logo, tagline and other important messages.

      Our selection of monument signage includes;

      1. Entryway monuments – Tall signs positioned at the entrance of your property
      2. Freestanding pylon signs – Eye-catching signs placed along streets
      3. Low-profile monuments – designed signs suitable for professional settings
      4. Multi-tenant signs – signs listing all businesses within a property
      5. Cornerstone monuments – Ornamental stone-like structures

      Investing in a high-quality monument sign for your business brings advantages. These signs enhance visibility for passersby, reinforce brand recognition and identity, effectively communicate messages to drivers passing by, boost the appeal of your property exterior, and signal stability and professionalism within the local community.

      Our Monument Sign Design Services For Church And Businesses

      At Signs Express, we craft unique monument signs tailored to your business needs in Dallas, Texas. Our personalized approach to monument sign design focuses on integrating your brand’s identity and messaging into a visually striking sign structure.

      When you select us as your go-to monument sign provider, you’ll collaborate closely with our design team to bring your creative vision to fruition. We kick off the process by familiarizing ourselves with your company, encompassing your brand aesthetics, color palette, typography, logo and overall essence. Subsequently, our designers sketch out sign layouts by hand for your assessment and input.

      Once we determine the design direction, we create 3D virtual representations of the monument sign so you can preview the outcome before manufacturing commences. Visualizing your signage concepts in a 3D setting ensures no surprises or inaccuracies before crafting your bespoke monument.

      When it comes to materials and lighting options for your Dallas-based monument sign, the choices are diverse. Ranging from aluminum to robust acrylic and polycarbonate selections, our signs are engineered to withstand the Texan weather conditions. Additionally, many of our monuments incorporate LED lighting for visibility and energy efficiency. This lighting solution not only brightens up your signage during nighttime but also adds a touch of elegance.

      Looking for a top-notch monument sign that truly reflects your brand? Trust Signs Expres to deliver that. Our design expertise ensures you’ll have a sign you’ll proudly display for years!

      Monument Sign Installation

      We understand the importance of making a bold statement when installing your monument sign at a church or storefront. At Signs Expres, our experienced crew and quality equipment oversee installation.

      We start by surveying your property and prepping the site where your freestanding sign will stand. This involves marking utility lines, checking for overhead obstacles, and digging foundation and wiring holes underground. Proper site preparation is key to an installation.

      Next, we arrange for the delivery of your custom sign and the steel-reinforced foundation. We handle all permits to ensure compliance with local regulations.

      On installation day, our team uses boom trucks and heavy machinery to lift your monument sign into place on the foundation. We meticulously position the sign to ensure it’s perfectly aligned and level. Once everything is secure and the concrete has set, we return to install any lighting features and conduct inspections.

      With over two decades of experience installing monument signs in Dallas, Signs, Expres is your go-to choice for getting it done from the start. Our expertise ensures a process from beginning to end, minimizing disruptions while maximizing the visual impact. Additionally, we provide warranties and maintenance plans to give you peace of mind.

      Why Choose Signs Expres for Your Monument Sign

      Unmatched Quality, Service and Value in Dallas

      You’ll find numerous options when looking for a company specializing in monument signs in Dallas, TX. So why opt for Signs Express? We offer unparalleled quality, service and value compared to other sign shops in the region.

      Our dedication to excellence is evident through our 20+ years of experience creating top-notch monument signs for businesses. As the premier leader in Dallas monument signage, we have earned our reputation by delivering durable and visually appealing signs that our clients adore.

      You can expect a hassle-free experience with our team from your initial consultation through installation. Our exceptional customer service sets us apart. We invite you to visit our facility to see our cutting-edge design and production capabilities firsthand.

      Furthermore, we back up our craftsmanship with one of the most robust warranties in the industry. Our signs are designed to endure for decades, with maintenance required.
      Years later, we’re still here to help with servicing, updating, or revamping your monument sign whenever you need us.

      We recommend getting vendor quotes when choosing a signage company for monument signs. You’ll quickly see that Signs Expres offers value for your money. Our focus is on top-notch quality, responsive service and fair pricing – qualities that make Signs Expres the choice for businesses looking for monument signs in Dallas!

      Contact Signs Express for a Free Monument Sign Quote

      If you’re considering investing in a new monument sign for your business in the Dallas area, reach out to Signs Expres for a free quote with no obligation. With over two decades of experience as the monument sign company in Dallas, our team offers expert advice and competitive pricing.

      Our friendly staff is eager to arrange a meeting at your location to discuss your vision for new signage. We’ll assess your property layout, brand identity and messaging objectives to determine the size, design, and placement of your freestanding monument.

      Drawing from years of expertise in crafting monument signs, we consider all aspects that affect visual appeal, durability and installation requirements. Following our assessment process, you’ll receive a comprehensive quote detailing all the services included.
      As a sign company, Signs Express manages everything from acquiring permits and producing signs to expertly installing and maintaining them. Our pricing is transparent, and there are no charges.

      We back the excellence of our monument signs with warranties and service assurances. Find out why businesses in Dallas rely on Signs Express for their monument signage requirements. Contact us today by phone or email to receive your quote!

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