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    $500 Off your 1st Electrical Sign Order

      Commercial Building Signage – Make a Great First Impression

      Sign Express, a sign company based in Dallas, boasts two decades of experience crafting top-notch building signs tailored to meet our client’s specific requirements. We recognize that building signs serve as more than visual markers—they serve as the initial impression of your business, effectively convey your brand’s message, and aid in navigation and safety.

      Being a sign company, we provide an extensive selection of interior and exterior building signs, such as lobby signs, dimensional letters, wayfinding signs, ADA-compliant signs, emergency exit signage, restroom indicators, office plaques and more. Our portfolio includes the fabrication and installation of signs for commercial properties like office complexes, medical facilities, hospitality establishments, shopping malls, educational institutions, and warehouses across Dallas and its neighboring areas.

      Our building signage stands out for its designs, clear communication, impact durability, and compliance with local construction regulations and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. We follow a process to simplify what can often be a complex signage undertaking, from initial discussions to design creation using premium materials to hassle-free professional installation.

      Backed by knowledge in the signage sector and a customer-focused mindset, we have earned the trust of well-known brands, architects and contractors operating in Dallas.

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      Types of Commercial Building Signs We Offer

      At Sign Express, we provide building signs tailored to our client’s needs. With our team’s industry knowledge, we create personalized sign options that boost brand recognition and assist guests in navigating your establishment effortlessly.

      Exterior Building Signs: Welcome visitors to your business with eye-catching exterior signs, including:

      • Monument Signs: Freestanding sign structures prominently display your logo and messaging at building entrances. Catch the attention of passing traffic.
      • Pylon Signs: Tall pole signs near driveways guide visitors entering your premises by vehicle. They are highly visible from a distance.
      • Wall-mounted Signs: Visual branding and business information signs are mounted on exterior walls at entrances or across building facades. Optimal visibility.
      • Projecting Signs: Signs protruding from walls enable 360-degree viewing from different angles, which is useful in areas with foot traffic.
      • Canopy & Awning Signs: Vibrant signage printed onto canopies over building entrances and windows. Protection from sun/rain plus branding.

      Interior Building Signs: To communicate spaces and directions:

      • Lobby & Reception Signs: Welcome visitors to lobbies with branded reception signs and directories.
      • Wayfinding & Directional Signs: Guide visitors to desired destinations within premises with floor numbers, arrows, room IDs, etc.
      • Informational & Regulatory Signs: Communicate spaces, instructions, rules, etc., using room numbers, restroom signs, and more.
      • ADA Signs: Ensure accessibility for disabled visitors with tactile and braille ADA signage.

      Our Design and Manufacturing Process

      At Sign Express, we follow a streamlined process to deliver high-quality, customized building signs tailored to your needs.

      Consultation and Design

      We start by discussing your needs, brand image, who you’re trying to reach, and what you aim to achieve with your signage. Our skilled designers then develop sign ideas that look good and serve their purpose well. We utilize cutting-edge design tools to present renderings, giving you a clear idea of how the signs will appear after they are set up.

      Fabrication Using Quality Materials

      We create your signs using materials that can withstand weather and fading, such as aluminum, acrylics, metal and wood. Our advanced CNC routers enable us to carve intricate sign designs. We have all the fabrication tools on site to produce signs in various sizes and shapes.

      Compliance and Permits

      Our building signs are designed to meet ADA regulations, adhere to zoning ordinances, and comply with safety and electrical standards. Additionally, we handle securing the city permits on your behalf to make the process as smooth as possible.

      Professional Installation

      Once the preparations are complete, our skilled installers will visit your location to mount the signs neatly. We employ tools and methods to securely install them on various surfaces with minimal impact.

      Reach out to us today to discuss your building signage requirements! Our team is ready to create eye-catching signs that perfectly match your brand and space.

      Materials We Use

      At Sign Express, we use top-notch materials to craft durable building signs that can weather any storm. Our unique materials guarantee that your signs will effectively showcase your brand for years.


      We often choose aluminum as our preferred metal due to its ability to resist corrosion, strength, lightweight nature, and cost-effectiveness. Aluminum sheets and composite materials are used to create signs in sizes and shapes. The smooth metal surface serves as a foundation for digital printing.


      We often opt for acrylic sheets for signs, making them look contemporary and stylish. Acrylics come in various colors and finishes ranging from clear to solid. We use laser etching or engraving on acrylics to craft signs.


      To achieve a timeless rustic look, we create signs using outdoor grade plywood or MDF wood. Afterward, we apply weather paints and coatings to ensure durability when displayed outside.


      Vinyl provides color reproduction at a more affordable price compared to paints making it perfect for creating custom graphics and lettering on both indoor and outdoor signs. Our team at Sign Express utilizes high-quality vinyl films resistant to fading and peeling.

      With our craftsmanship and attention, to detail we create visually striking building signs that truly showcase your brand for the long haul!

      Industries We Serve

      At Sign Express, our skilled team has provided top-notch building sign solutions for clients in various industries. With years of experience, we understand the distinct signage requirements of different sectors and offer fully customized signs that suit your brand and spatial needs.

      Retail Signage

      Attract shoppers to your stores with signage and utilize interior signs to convey information about departments, promotions, directions within the space and more. Our retail signs boost visibility. Make navigation easy.

      Office Signage

      We design building and office signage that gives tenants and visitors a refined corporate appearance. Additionally, we develop lobby, directory and wayfinding signage for guidance.

      Healthcare Signage

      In healthcare settings, we provide welcoming, discreet signage that guides patients while adhering to HIPAA regulations.

      Hospitality Signage

      Resorts, hotels, restaurants and cafes use signs to create inviting environments and communicate effectively. Our sign solutions complement your brand identity.

      Education Signage

      Educational institutions benefit from our signage, such as classroom identifiers, lab signs, library markers, and wayfinding maps tailored to meet university/school standards.

      With experience serving diverse industries, our team is equipped to consult on and create building signs that cater to your specific organizational requirements while effectively communicating your brand message to the desired audience.

      Compliance and Codes

      At Sign Express, we ensure that all building signs meet the recent safety, electrical and zoning regulations. This guarantees that your new signs are not of high quality but also comply with legal requirements.

      ADA Compliance: Our exterior and interior directional signs are designed to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure accessible wayfinding. This includes features such as braille, tactile letters, appropriate sign height and strong visual contrast.

      Electrical Safety Standards: We uphold the standards established by the National Electrical Code (NEC) and local regulations for signs. Our use of UL-approved components and NEMA-rated enclosures ensures safety during installation by our technicians.

      Zoning Laws and Permits: Your custom signs will be created in accordance with state and city zoning laws regarding size, placement and lighting restrictions. We will secure any permits from local authorities on your behalf.

      Our knowledgeable team at Sign Express stays informed about signage compliance codes in states and cities across the U.S. This enables us to deliver legally approved signs aligned with your brand’s identity.

      Consult our signage experts today on your building signage project!