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      Church Signage – Custom Indoor & Outdoor Church Signs

      Sign Expres has been. Setting up top-notch signs for Dallas churches for over two decades. As a sign company specializing in signage solutions, we have the know-how to address all your church’s indoor and outdoor sign requirements.

      Our team has collaborated with local and large mega-churches, designing tailored signs that convey each church’s distinct identity and messages. We recognize the significance of signage in welcoming visitors while showcasing your church beliefs and community engagement.

      At Sign Expres, we aim to establish trust through service, clear communication and durable signs. Our content religious organization clients can attest to our dedication to delivering quality craftsmanship and ensuring customer satisfaction.

      A Wide Range of Signage Solutions for Churches

      For more than two decades, Sign Expres has been dedicated to meeting the requirements of churches in the Dallas area. We provide a range of church signs and displays to choose from.

      Outdoor Signs

      • Monument signs – Prominently displayed on a church’s lawn or entryway
      • Digital message boards – Display upcoming events and messages
      • Directional signs – Help guide visitors to various buildings
      • Pole & panel signs – Visible from streets or parking areas

      Interior Signs

      • Lobby signs and displays – Welcome visitors and state values
      • Wayfinding signs – Provide direction and assist visitor flow
      • Room and office signs – Help identify locations
      • Donor recognition signs – Honor major contributors

      Digital Signs

      • Video walls – Show dynamic messages and imagery
      • LCD/LED message centers – Advertise events and schedules
      • Interactive kiosks – Allow visitors to access info and register

      Banners & Decals

      • Large vinyl banners – Temporarily promote programs and events
      • Window decals – Brand entryways, lobbies, offices, and more

      We provide various types of signs in various materials, sizes, lighting options, graphics, installations, and more. Our team will work with you to find signage solutions tailored to your church’s spaces, requirements and financial plan.

      Customized Designs to Match Your Church’s Brand

      The design process at Sign Expres allows for extensive customization so your church signs align perfectly with your aesthetic and messaging. Here is an overview of our design and material options:

      Initial Consultation

      • Discuss signage goals, locations, and budget, and review brand guides
      • Provide measurements and images of existing buildings and spaces
      • Offer design recommendations tailored to your church

      Custom Design Capabilities

      • Work with our graphic designers to create a completely customized design
      • Incorporate thematic elements and imagery important to your church
      • Match font styles, color schemes, and motifs to your brand

      Material & Lighting Choices

      • Durable PVC, metal, acrylic, wood and more
      • Front, halo and message center lighting options
      • Painted, engraved, routed and high-resolution digital prints

      Installation Services

      • Handle permitting/compliance needs for a smooth process
      • Professional mounting best suited for each sign type
      • Crews equipped to minimize disruption

      Our focus is on seamless integration with your current brand identity. We work closely with you so the end product effectively represents your church’s vision.

      Customized Signs Designed for Your Church’s Unique Needs

      Sign Express, a sign company specializing in working with churches for more than two decades offers various advantages when it comes to creating custom church signage;

      1. Knowledgeable Consultants: Our team dedicates time to grasping each church’s goals for signage, brand image, architectural style and financial constraints. We offer tailored suggestions ranging from digital displays to indoor directional signs.
      2. Tailored Production: Using ready-made products, we craft entirely personalized signs to match the aesthetic of your church, whether you prefer backlit plexiglass, intricately carved wood, or sleek metal lettering.
      3. High-Quality Materials: Utilizing UV-resistant metals that resist fading and shatterproof plastics suitable for high-traffic areas helps keep maintenance costs down over time.
      4. Expert Installation: Our skilled installers ensure placement and hassle-free mounting on site. We also handle permits, supply the tools, and tidy up after installation completion.
      5. Continuous Assistance: Sign Express offers extended warranties and maintenance plans in case of problems. If your signs require refurbishing in the future, we are available to assist.
        Partnering with Sign Expres makes the journey from design to installation a breeze, freeing you up to concentrate on getting your message out there.

      Maintaining Your Church Signs for Years to Come

      At Sign Expres, we don’t just set up your new church signs and then vanish. We offer assistance and upkeep to ensure your signage stays in top shape and functions well over time.

      Extended Warranties

      Many sign projects include a 2-year warranty for material or workmanship issues. At a cost, you can opt for extended 5-year warranties.

      Scheduled Maintenance

      To prolong the life of your signs, we suggest checkups, cleaning, bulb replacements and surface treatments. Maintenance plans can be tailored to suit your needs.

      Prompt Repairs

      In case of damage from weather, accidents or vandalism, we aim to carry out repairs swiftly and economically with minimal disruption.

      Renovation and Lighting Updates

      As time passes, sign faces and lighting may require revitalization. We provide refurbishment services such as cleaning, painting or re-covering rather than complete replacement. For lighting enhancements, we offer LED conversions and fixture upgrades for energy savings and enhanced illumination.

      Relocations and Dismantling

      Should your church’s requirements change, Sign Expres can relocate sign structures to positions or dismantle unnecessary signs upon request. We manage all permits and disposal processes.

      By partnering with us for all your signage needs, we aim to help your church maintain a professional image over time by providing proactive upkeep and timely repairs when necessary. Feel free to reach out and let us know how we can assist you with your signage requirements.

      Get in Touch with Our Signage Specialists Today

      For over two decades, Sign Expres has been Dallas’s go-to signage provider for religious institutions. Our team is dedicated and knowledgeable. Takes a consultative approach to crafting sign solutions that align with your church’s characteristics and requirements.

      Don’t hesitate to contact our signage specialists today to begin creating the signs for your worship areas, outreach efforts, promotions and more.