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$500 Off your 1st Electrical Sign Order

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    $500 Off your 1st Electrical Sign Order

      Lighted Signs: Making Your Brand Shine Bright

      Lighted signs combine functionality and creativity to create a powerful visual impact. At Signs Express, we specialize in crafting lighted signs that not only illuminate your brand but also capture attention and leave a lasting impression. Discover how our lighted sign solutions can set your business aglow.

      How Can Signs Express Help?

      Bringing Your Brand to Life After Dark

      Lighted signs are not just about visibility; they’re about creating an inviting ambiance for your customers, even during the evening hours. Our team collaborates with you to design lighted signs that showcase your brand in the best light, both literally and figuratively.

      Versatile Illumination Options

      From classic neon to energy-efficient LED, we offer a range of lighting options to suit your brand’s aesthetics and budget. Our expertise lies in crafting lighted signs that maximize impact while being environmentally conscious.

      Our Expertise

      Merging Creativity with Illumination

      Signs Express understands the art of combining creative design with effective illumination. Our lighted signs are not just bright; they’re captivating works of art that tell your brand’s story in a dynamic and engaging way.

      Illuminate Your Brand’s Identity

      Create a welcoming glow that attracts customers day and night with our expertly crafted lighted signs. Contact us to explore how our lighted sign solutions can enhance your brand presence and make your business shine.